Save Time and Money with an Intuitive Real Geeks Real Estate CRM

Leads captured on Real Geeks websites and 3rd-party sources are automatically sent to the CRM, a full-featured platform, to track and nurture leads through the sales cycle. Agents can increase engagement by leveraging the live activity feed to follow-up with leads when they’re active online!

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Never Lose an Opportunity with Smart Filters

Segment your lead list to increase efficiency and identify hot opportunities with smart filters. When you organize your collection of leads into smaller lists, you can make meaningful connection with them based on their activity, and follow-up with the right clients at the right time.

Communication Made Better, Faster, and Smarter

Speed to lead is the key to converting more leads! Our communication tools save you time and improve productivity by automating many aspects of managing your business while storing all of your conversations all in one place.

SMS Autoresponders: Automatically send a text message to your leads the second they sign up on your website to increase engagement.

Live Chat: Chat with leads in real time directly from the CRM while they’re looking at properties on your website.

Email Integration: Connect your email to the CRM and access a history of every interaction with your clients. This makes scheduling and communication easy and gives your team complete transparency into all conversations.


The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

The Real Geeks CRM offers you a variety of follow-up options to engage with your leads by phone, email, text, live chat, direct mail, BombBomb and more.

Persistence pays off. The average agent gives up too soon. By just making a few more attempts, agents can increase their contact rate significantly. So get to know your leads, and help them get to know you by leveraging the right follow-up tools to build relationships.

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